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What are the connection methods of transition joints

Transition joints are used to connect different pipelines, but as their use becomes more and more widespread, there are more and more types of transition joints, such as copper and aluminum in materials, and hydraulic joints in function. There are four of the same This is a common form, I will give you a detailed introduction today.

Form one corner type

As its name is the same, this transition joint is to make the front part into such a right angle, which can be connected to two pipes on different planes. The water pipes in the corners and other places are often transitioned in this way because we need to use them. Connector. The vertical water pipe can be deployed horizontally, which saves space and is more convenient.  Form 2 Straight type

Straight-through type This is the most common and simplest type of joint. It is similar to a pipe, connecting the two ends that are not connected, but still in a horizontal state.

form three three way type

As the name implies, this type of joint has three different development directions. It can connect pipes from the three research directions of society. Generally, these three directions are perpendicular to each other, like a corner of a wall. It is also widely used in life.

Straight joint

Straight joint

Form four Four-way type

This model is not only a three-way joint, just like cross-connecting four different directions, it can link products in four different directions together in life, and give full play to the function of the transition joint connecting products.

Understand the connection methods of these four common transition joints. In life, we can choose according to our specific needs during the process of use. Of course, the price of different connection methods will also be different. We are choosing Don’t blindly choose a connector that can connect many items, but choose the one that suits you best.