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Withhold type hydraulic hose connector

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The utility model provides a metal hose connector with quick and convenient connection and reliable installation and connection; it includes a connector body, a clamping piece placed in an inner cavity at one end of the connector body, and used for locking the metal hose to the connector body The locking sleeve at one end and the sealing ring and the locking member arranged on the other end of the joint body also include a rubber sealing sleeve nested on the outside of the clamping member; The connection thread allows the metal hose to be quickly threaded to the joint body through its own thread during installation. The whole process is simple and fast, and the connection is reliable; the manufacturer of the elbow pipe joint can further improve it through the rubber sealing sleeve provided. Ensure the connection of the metal hose is reliable and tight.



1. For the type and temperature of the fluid, please select a quick coupling of the proper fluid type and temperature of the body material and the sealing material. Depending on the fluid, the appropriate body material and sealing material are different.

For example, if the material of the quick coupling is water, choose copper or stainless steel.

2. For the natural environment of the application of the quick coupling, please select the quick coupling of the structure and material suitable for the natural environment.

Incorporating the environmental humidity standards of the natural environment, the condition of floating dust, and the natural environment of the application such as being very easy to be corroded, to consider the type of quick connector selected, the body material, and the sealing material.

3. For liquid working pressure, please select a quick connector with suitable pressure resistance for the fluid working pressure. The working pressure of the fluid is also important for selecting quick couplings.

The quick coupling for steam pressure is 5.0Mpa(51kgf/cm²)-68.5Mpa(700kgf/cm²), which is universal. Corresponding to the compression characteristics, the structure of the quick coupling is also different.

4. The appearance and specifications of the installation. Please purchase the product after clarifying the final appearance and specifications. Please clarify the type, specification and material of the quick connector, and specify the installation appearance and specification corresponding to the characteristics of the pipe.

It must be noted that the specifications are related to the total flow of the fluid.

5. To control the structure of the on-off gate valve, please select the quick connector of the gate valve structure suitable for the main purpose of the pipe.

For the structure of the gate valve, there are two-way power switch type, single-way power switch type and two-way open type. Except for the two-way power switch type, fluid is discharged from the piping when it is separated. So be careful.

6. Make sure that the external threads of the selected quick couplings are consistent. In the whole application process of products with different brands, it is best to use the same well-known brand’s female and male heads in conjunction with each other. If cross-application is necessary,

It is best to consult the professional and technical personnel of the commodity supplier before the application, and apply it again after confirming it.