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Straight thread sleeve

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Angke Hydraulic Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is located in Yuyao City, Ningbo, a famous city in Zhejiang Province. It is a hydraulic system accessories company integrating production, processing, distribution and wholesale. The company is a comprehensive company specializing in the production and processing of various imported domestic quick couplings, compression fittings, transition joints, high-pressure ball valves and other hydraulic system accessories.
Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, fluid, semiconductor, energy, steel, electric power, food bioengineering, pharmaceutical, defense, pulp, aviation, metallurgy and mining industries. The design of our products requires high pressure, high seismic coefficient, and good sealing performance, so users have no worries. At the same time, our company also provides technical design, on-site installation, and implementation of excellent services in one step.
The company has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises with strong strength, reasonable prices and excellent services. The company sincerely welcomes all walks of life to visit, inspect and negotiate business.



Straight threaded sleeves are steel sleeves used for mechanical joints of steel bars that transmit axial tension or pressure of steel bars. Straight thread sleeves are divided into direct rolling straight thread sleeves, rib stripping rolling straight thread sleeves and upsetting straight thread sleeves.