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Straight joint 1C

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The rubber insulators of straight-through joint products are generally made of imported silicon rubber, and the shell is made of high-strength copper. The outer layer can be equipped with a glass fiber reinforced plastic outer protective box, and high-performance waterproof insulating sealing double-part glue is poured inside. The entire production process should be carried out in a clean and dust-free environment, and the products produced should have good mechanical protection and good sealing performance. The product structure should be compact and reasonable, small in size, anti-aging and corrosion-resistant; Leakage, stable and reliable technical performance, easy installation.
Scope of use
It is used to connect two sections of cables that are directly buried, work wells or tunnels. The metal sheath of the cable can be directly connected or cross-connected.
Use environment
The temperature is -50°C~50°C, and the altitude is less than 4000m.
Straight-through joints are commonly used in industry and life; straight-through joints are mainly the conversion hub in the entire pipeline system, and straight-through joints solve the problems caused by short pipelines and transitions. The diversification of thread forms is favored by users.



Straight-through connector refers to the electrical connection between the metal shell of the connector and the metal shield and insulation shield of the connected cable in the guiding technical document.


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